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The 3D Life Vision(R) Family bundle comprises the 3D Life Vision templates for individuals, couples and families with workbooks for individuals and families. 

The bonus E Book 'Who Wants to be a Zillionaire?' is also in this pack. 

When we are travelling to some place and we get lost, we pull out a map to help find our way again. 

But what about when we feel 'lost' in our actual lives,  wouldn't it be great if we had our own personal life map that we could pull out when we feel lost so we know where to head to next?

The good news is ... now there is. 

The 3D Life Vision™ template is a cross between your own personal life map and a vision board. And because each of our lives is unique to ourselves, the template is a very simple framework for you to fill out so you have a life plan of where you are going for each of the overarching 12 aspects of your life.

The template is 3 pages and each page is centred around a 'heart' which represents your heart. This is to remind you to lead a life that's true to you. 

The 12 life aspects  represent your: 

🌐 - Inner self - values, thoughts and beliefs;

🌐 - Outer self - the way you present yourself in different situations

🌐 - Your actual life - including your health, relationships, purpose/ career, recreation, spiritual and 5 others - including the areas will give you the greatest fulfilment 

You often hear about people creating vision boards and attracting things into their lives that way. Therefore, if you can create, visualise and attract different things for some parts of your life - then imagine doing that for your whole life - and actually creating and living a life you've designed.

Once you've created your own life vision - you can also create a combined vision with your loved ones, either with your partner or family - ( it's recommended that you all create your own first). 

The great things about partners and families is that they all come in different shapes and sizes - and that's why it's important to create a unique combined vision that suits all of you.

The 3D Life Vision™ template for couples and the 3D Life Vision template for families is just like the 3D Life Vision™ template, but it has been tailored to create your combined life visions.

A workbook is also provided. 

Once you've created your life vision - you can take steps and actionsnd make decisions that will lead you to these newly deigned areas of life. 

Who is this for?

Any person. Any couple, Any family. 

We all come in different shapes and sizes Anyone can complete this is a template / framework for you to create your life in the 12 life aspects from your heart (or with your partner or with your family). Only you know the direction that you're meant to go in.  

More information is available at: 

🌐 website - (information only - resources now only available here)

🌐facebook - (the backstory of the 3D Life Vision)

🌐instagram -

Your investment is $45 AUD (approximately $33 USD).

Good luck! 



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3D Life Vision Template for Individuals
Design Your Best Life Workbook
3D Life Vision Template for Couples
3D Life Vision Template for Couples
Design Your best Family Vision Workbook
Bonus E Book_Who Wants to Be A Zillionaire?
3D Life Vision Basic Explanation Video
3D Life Vision Explanation Video
2nd Bonus E Book_When Life Throws You a Curveball. A Little Guide to Life.


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